Let's Talk About This Magical Lipstick!

LipSense is a long-lasting liquid lipstick! It lasts 4-18 hours. It's vegan, wax-free, and lead-free. It's is unlike any conventional lipstick, stain or color. As the original long-lasting lip color, it is waterproof, does not kiss-off, smear-off, rub-off or budge at all!  You can also create your own color palette by combining colors. It's a patented formula so there's literally nothing like it on the market! 

New to lipsense?

First time LipSense users must purchase a Starter Kit! Our patented lip color will not work without our gloss. Any other brand of gloss will immediately break down the color and it WILL NOT LAST!
The Starter Kit comes with the color of your choice, Glossy Gloss, and the Ooops! Remover. Once you have the Starter Kit you can add colors and glosses individually!