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Over the past two decades, our culture has become increasingly visual. These days, it's nearly impossible to have a successful business without investing in some beautiful images by a professional photographer. 

When I started blogging, hiring a photographer to take photos for you wasn't even a thing, so most people DIY'd their photos.  And back then, having crap photos wasn't too big of a deal, but in the ensuing 10 years it became super clear that to rise to the top -- of blogging, social media, or business -- you NEEDED great photos

For some people that meant hiring out photography, and for others (like me) that meant becoming your own professional photographer.  It took years of fumbling around teaching myself the ins and outs of my camera, and after all those years of learning I eventually transitioned into being a full time wedding photographer! 

Now, I want to share everything I learned about photography, from both the perspective of a blogger and social media influencer, and a professional photographer. 


It doesn't have to take years to teach yourself the art of taking beautiful photographs.  Take your own photos.  Be your own pro photographer!



Ready to go pro?

If you're ready to stop feeling clueless about how to take great photos and elevate your brand to the next level, come join the e-course! Ten sections full of info from DSLR basics, to self-portrait tricks, how to take incredible food photos, capturing interior decor, and more!


See my professional work

As a full time wedding and engagement photographer since 2013, I've shot tons of weddings and couples, in addition to 10 years of blog and social media content! If you want to take a look at my professional portfolio, head over to my photography website!


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Posing can feel super awkward if you're new to modeling or taking self-portraits. After 10 years of blogging, I've taken thousands of "selfies" for outfit posts and more and I'm here to share what I've learned from those countless hours in front of the lens!


ever gone over to a new blog, instagram, or website only to find that the photos were bad and almost immediately clicked away? 


We all have.  Photos are a huge part of how we communicate, sell, and market these days, so being able to take or hire someone to take photos is a must for anyone wanting to boost their business, blog, website, or social media.

Have you wanted to boost the sales from your shop?  Have you wanted to get your website looking A++ but struggle with getting great images to compliment your web design? Have you felt stuck using a friend or significant other as your photographer, or shelled out a huge portion of your marketing budget to hire someone to take photos for you? 

Great photos on your site, blog, or instagram creates a space where readers want to stick around and scroll a while, but it also gives your site a professionalism that can make sponsors want to work with you, people hire you, or customers buy from you!

Photography E-Course
Photography E-Course

Here's the thing, I know professional

photographers are expensive. 

My rates can be $500+ an hour and it's not unusual to find great photographers who charge $1000/hr.  And trust me, I will always go to bat for creatives charging what their worth (you should too!) so I'm all for photographers charging that much for their time, talent, and work, but the truth is, not everyone can afford to spend that much on photography, especially if your business is just starting out, or if you're trying to grow your social media following and don't have much sponsored influencer income coming in yet.



Become a Pro Photographer Ecourse



Photography is a learned skill

So don't use the excuse that you’re just not talented at it.  Photography is a straightforward concept, the lens lets light in, the sensor captures that light, and bam: you made a photo.  It only takes a few tweaks to start learning how to manipulate the parameters in order to create some beautiful images. And with digital photos, you can take as many photos as you want to learn, no wasting money on rolls and rolls of film to learn your craft!

Photography E-Course
Photography E-Course
Photography E-Course

I learned photography on my own and taking photos every single day for my blog is the practice that made my photos better and better in each blog post.  In the process, I discovered a passion and a career outside of blogging that allowed me to pursue photography as a full time business!  Now, I know that not everyone aspires to be a professional photographer, but knowing your way around a camera not only helps your photos get better for a website or business, but it’s also nice to have those skills for documenting every day life. 

Have kids? You’re going to take photos of your kids, why not learn how to take great photos of them?  You might need a great head shot, why not learn to do it yourself, rather than needing to hire a photographer?  Putting your house on the market?  Being able to take awesome photos of your home can make it sell that much faster! 

Photography is a super practical skill to have under your belt even if you aren’t planning on becoming a professional photographer!

you don't need the fanciest, most expensive equipment to become your own professional photographer.


You'll hear photographers say, "the best camera you have is the one with you."  Only have a phone?  There are amazing cameras on phones these days, and many incredible instagrammers exclusively use their phone cameras!  Have a DSLR but it's not the newest, fancy 5D Mark IV? It's okay!  You have an amazing tool and you can learn tons on that not-so-fancy camera about how to create great images.

No more excuses.  You've got this.


Photography E-Course for Bloggers
Photography E-Course for Instagrammers
Photography E-Course for Small Business Owners

No more wishing your photos looked as good as your favorite instagrammer's, no more wasting time hoping instead of working. You can spend your time feeling sad that you don’t have the same pretty pictures as her, or you can take that time and learn how to do it!

Don’t use the excuse that you can’t afford super fancy equipment, it’s a poor carpenter who blames his tools, they say. A fancy camera could help, but learning to become a better photographer isn’t dependent on having the newest, fanciest DSLR. Learning can feel discouraging sometimes when you aren’t feeling like you’re progressing as fast as you’d like, or when you aren’t quite able yet to make the photos you envision in your mind happen with your camera. Trust that practice does get results.

Shoot. Every. Day.

Even if it’s just with your phone. I can tell that I personally progress as a photographer most when I’m shooting consistently and daily. My favorite shoot is almost always the one I just shot. Be intentional and push yourself to learn new things, not just with photography, but in all areas of your life! Surround yourself with inspiration. Follow photographers on instagram who shoot images you admire and try to figure out how they shoot the photos that you love. 

But most importantly, be authentically YOU.  You can learn from others how to use equipment or edit or pose or use lighting, but you can't learn from others how to create images that reflect YOU.  When you pair your amazing personality and perspective with the skills it takes to create beautiful image, you'll be unstoppable!

If you want to learn how I went from a newbie blogger with a decade old DSLR to a professional photographer, hop on into the course today and start learning to create images that you love and that represent you and your brand beautifully!

Become a Pro Photographer E-Course