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Hi friends! I'm Liz Morrow.  I started Delightfully Tacky all the way back in 2008!  Originally it was just a place to share life and my experiments with personal style, and here I am 8 years later still having a blast online.  

You can also check out all the posts from and about my Brave Journey, read posts about my wedding, see my photography, or just go ahead and browse through the blog as you'd like!

What'll you find here?

We post outfits from daily life, delicious recipes, peeks into cute homes, curly hair tipsrambling thoughts, and more! 

Here are some of our more popular posts: 
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The community

When I first started blogging 8 years ago, it was for the community.  I was starting to get interested in fashion and personal style and at my small college, I wasn't able to find an IRL community that was interested in those things.  I discovered blogs and BAM, found the community I had been craving!

Fast forward 8 years and blogging is so different!  But in many ways it's still an amazing place for community.  It can be harder now with blogging being a business for many people and income being the bottom line rather than connection.  Because of that I wanted to create a place where people can connect and find other amazing bloggers and makers.


So the community is a place where you can see who I'm loving, bloggers, makers, etc.  And if you want to join the community and add your blog, site, or shop to our list of creative rad community members, just enter your email below and I'll send over info on how to get in!