my fitness routine pt. 3 // insanity + running
my own everyday and I don't have an end goal in mind. Insanity is great for me because it has a I restarted Insanity from the beginning in order to keep in shape for Warrior Dash next month about it, showing movement rather than my regular old still images! After doing Insanity all the way rock climbing! I can definitely tell that the strength I'm gaining from doing Insanity helps me do my fitness routine pt. 3 // insanity + running doing Insanity back in November of 2012, and made it through the first month, but then I got sick and we
my fitness routine // nourishing my body
Insanity program, I was pretty good at eating 5 smaller meals a day, rather than 3 big ones (or even just Insanity really hard, but one of my favorite quality time things that Dan & I do is to walk to a the nutrition info on packaging? How often/when do I eat? I used Insanity's Nutrition Guide as a reference for some things, but for others I tried to use a more common sense approach. The Insanity
fit week // kayla itsines bbg
after finishing month 2 of Insanity, before we went to Hawai'i. I'll be taking new "before" pictures really enjoyed the results and routine of doing the Insanity workout. But I'm ready for something new cardio. I do love how Insanity doesn't require any equipment, and that made it really easy to even do probably three-ish rounds of Insanity, off and on, for about a year and a half to two years and
my fitness routine pt. 2 // what i wear
then strip it off midway through the warm up. I like doing Insanity without shoes, though I know they . Insanity has a lot of jumping around so I have to make sure my hair is pretty secure. Also: WATER ) :: headband :: mat For Insanity, I have to wear almost nothing otherwise I'll completely overheat would like to start running. I'm already pretty heavy into cardio training from doing Insanity, so a
life lately
. I've been trying to work out consistently the past couple months, and before Insanity I was doing me, especially if the leader is too peppy and bubbly, which is why I prefer Erin and Insanity workout after completing Insanity. I mean, I almost definitely will (right?), but it'll be cool to in this issue, especially as a personal style blogger. Working on... Insanity! I just started about after I'm done with Insanity and I'm looking forward to seeing if I have more stamina when doing her
slowing down
woke up with a nasty sore neck. I was supposed to start month two of this round of Insanity, but I . One of the reasons I really enjoy the Insanity workout is that it is so intense. I don't feel
my fitness routine // easy healthy granola bars
been doing Insanity at home, trying to teach my body how to be active again. For some reason it's . Hot Yoga is horrible (sorry hot yoga fans, I just can't), but Hot Insanity? That sounds like death
my fitness wishlist
goals, which I think is great (stick with it!). I've been doing Insanity the past couple months, have when I do Insanity in my living room. I'm currently using two yoga mats, but one is borrowed from a my heart rate is, especially when doing Insanity workouts where I know my heart rate is getting
my fitness routine // making time to workout
if you want to... you just have to do it. What I love about Insanity is that it squeezes a super those workouts is 20 minutes, which isn't bad. I know Shaun T (the guy who created Insanity) just came want to make a priority? Find a way to carve out that 35 minutes. Insanity month 1 workouts are
my fitness routine // the results
I was really bad about taking before pictures when I started Insanity. I took some in November
my fitness routine // yoga
know enough for it to stick and I ended up focusing on Insanity instead. The climbing gym where I'm I started Insanity last fall I was attempting to cultivate a home yoga practice, but I just didn't
caped crusader
like Insanity, but for creative writing. Even if I don't end up meeting the Nanowrimo goal of 50,000
4 helpful fitness apps
Tracker For those of you who do the Insanity program, I found this little app which was a really nice
north to the future
on beach rocks, talking about doing Insanity, and won't be able to picture my grey-haired self able
life lately
got another V4 tonight, and am working on another. I think doing Insanity is definitely helping in
essential oils!
for headaches, and Panaway is amazing on my sore post-workout muscles (Insanity will do that to ya
Life Lately
Insanity workout. I've been doing it for a whole month! I'm pretty infamous for starting a
25 BEFORE 26 // a recap
did Insanity pretty consistently at the end of the year, and for most of the year I was climbing
my essential oil journey
started Insanity again last night so I'm probably gonna have to bathe in Panaway tomorrow), Cedarwood
life lately
. I started doing Insanity again at the beginning of January, so it's been a bit harder to maintain
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