Maternity Style // Week 24

Maternity Style | week 24

Almost all caught up to my current week (28)!  I spent almost all of the 2nd trimester feeling not really pregnant, more like I-just-ate-too-many-tacos, but by the end of it I was definitely sporting a legit bump.  This is one of the few actual maternity tops that I picked up, mostly because it doesn't scream maternity.  One of my favorite thrifted tops that I had years ago I realized was a maternity top after finally looking at the tag after having worn it many a time!  So there are some maternity specific clothing that most definitely can transition to post-pregnancy style.  I plan on belting this up as a tunic after the bump is gone!

The other day I bought my first article of clothing that one could define as "goal" clothes.  As in, I don't fit in it now, but I plan on being able to later (post baby, and probably post-working-out-for-a-while).  I've never been one to buy something I don't fit into with the goal of being able to eventually wear it after losing weight/getting fit.  But, I made an exception because I'd had my eyes on these pants for, literally, years and they were on final sale so I snagged them, even though I won't be able to wear them until sometime next year.  I think it's kind of fun to have a new article of clothing that I can look forward to wearing, and it'll be nice motivation for getting to the gym. 

Top : Motherhood Maternity | Cardigan + Leggings (similar) : c/o Modcloth | Hat : The North Face
Boots (similar) : Kensie Girl | Photos by Dan