Maternity Style // Week 28

Maternity Style | Week 27 | Delightfully Tacky

Fall is in full swing and I'm so happy.  I'm having a little baby shower/blessingway next weekend and my mom and I have been testing out cake/icing flavors (and sort of unsuccessfully attempting to learn how to naked-ice a cake without making it look ugly).  We tested out this cake + icing recipe pair last night and it was super tasty, but we've still got some work to do on getting the icing to actually look like a nice naked cake.  Who knew a naked cake would be harder to do than a regular iced cake?  Not me.  

Either way, moral of the story is it's fall, so pumpkin cakes with maple cream cheese icing are totally in, which makes me a happy camper.  I'm actually not a PSL person (or a Starbucks person, really, for that matter), but I have always loved fall flavors.  My wedding was in November and we had pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (and red velvet cake, mmmm) and they were delicious.  The whole pies-as-wedding-cakes thing hadn't hit the mainstream yet, but in retrospect, I totally would've had pumpkin pie and apple pie at my fall wedding too.  Aaaand now I'm craving pie.

Tee (similar) : H+M | Jacket (similar) : c/o Lulu's | Skirt (similar) : Thrifted (Wet Seal) |
Shoes (similar) : c/o Seychelles | Necklace (similar) : Free People