Maternity Style // Week 25

Maternity Style | week 25

Oof, you guys.  The day after shooting a wedding I feel like laying around and doing absolutely nothing.  Like, someone just come make me food and give me foot massages and complete my to-do list, K?  Luckily I only have two more weddings to shoot this year before I'm on "maternity leave."  Thankfully things worked out so my due date was smack dab in the middle of the off-season for weddings!  I'm going to be taking on lots more portrait and boudoir sessions this next year, just because it'll be nice to have shorter sessions than a full wedding day, which can be 12+ hours.  I've also been really drawn towards the more intimate day-to-day moments that can be captured with lifestyle portrait sessions, so it's cool that my creative leanings are lending themselves towards those kinds of sessions too.

My outfit photo sessions have been doubling as re-acquainting myself with local photo locations! It's fun going back to old spots that I used to shoot at and finding new spots that are awesome where I could take clients!  This spot is actually just in my front yard, and I used to take outfit photos here way back in the day, but further into the woods.  Since I've been away, though, there was a house built on the vacant lot that was there, so no more traipsing through the woods next door for me any more!

Dress : Thrifted | Shoes (similar) : Kenzie Girl | Necklace : Navajo artisan in Arizona
Ring : c/o Moorea Seal | Purse : c/o Minnetonka