Maker of the Month : Katie of Odd Daughter Paper Co.

Maker of the Month- Odd Daughter Paper Co.

I was introduced to Katie's rad business, Odd Daughter Paper Co. last year when I saw one of her amazing little prints in Moorea Seal's shop.  I had my eyes on it for a while and now the little cactus print is hanging on my wall.  Her illustration style is so quirky and fun and her cards are hilarious and perfect.  Hallmark ain't got nothin' on Katie's cute and totally relevant cards.

Get to know more about Katie (spoiler alert: she wasn't planning to become an illustrator and didn't go to school for graphic design or illustration!), her creative process, and how she ended up making cute cards for a living in our interview below!  And because you're gonna want to snatch up some of her cards and prints, you can get 15% off in her shop with the code "TACKY15" now until October 13th!

Tell us about your creative business!  What do you do? How did it start?  Where do you want to take it?

I'm a graphic designer / illustrator and I have a stationery line -- all under the name Odd Daughter Paper Co. Over five years ago I started painting cards one by one and selling them at a local farmer's market. I slowly started refining my style and after a while I began getting my designs printed.  I truly love seeing them screen printed, letterpressed and/or detailed with gold foil! I studied Interior Design, so this isn't the path I expected, but it is definitely the one I'm passionate about. 

What do you do to keep your creative juices fresh and flowing? 

My goal is to design cards that you'll want to give to your BFF, sister, husband/wife. With that said, spending time with friends and family helps to keep me inspired! Conversations and funny moments with people are often what spark my card ideas. I also try to get outside, spend time going for walks and practice yoga. 

What is your favorite part about having a creative business? 

My favorite part of having a creative business is being able to call my passion "work". Yes, there is a ton of work (admin, managing wholesale, shipping orders, etc) that isn't drawing/ designing.... but still. The fact that my job revolves around something that I love is pretty darn cool. 

Do you have a routine that helps you stay balanced?  If so, what do you feel is most important to your routine?

I've had a couple different routines since leaving my day job to work on Odd Daughter full time. At the moment, I'm working part time at a local floral shop. It helps by adding structure to my routine and schedule. I basically split time between the flower shop and working on design work at my studio. Aside from that structure, I still need to continue to refine my routine! 

What are the biggest struggles associated with having a creative business? 

My biggest struggles have been 1) Financial and 2) Getting stuck in the lie that "my work isn't good enough".  Still working on both of those! ;)

Other than what you create for your business, do you have any other creative pursuits that are merely for your own pleasure? 

Right now, I see my work at the floral shop as a creative pursuit that I'm able to enjoy for fun. Over the past 5 months (since starting work there), I've learned so much about floral arranging and love that the act of "designing an arrangement" complements my graphic design and illustration style. 

What other makers, creative folk, shops, instagrams, etc. are inspiring you at the moment?  

I'm currently listening to Joseph's song Blood & Tears on repeat. They are amazingly talented sisters and such an inspiration. I also love the shop Shorthand in Los Angeles. It has the best stationery / office supplies in all the land (aaaand they carry some of my work!)

What was the path that brought you to where you're at with your creative business right now?  Any specific, notable moments you remember that led you to where you are now?

The path that led to where I am right now has been windy, difficult and rewarding. A significant turning point took place when I graduated with my degree in interior design; it was during a recession and I knew I wasn't going to get a design job. During that period (of working a slightly-design-related-admin job), I realized that I was more interested in graphic design and illustration, rather than interior design. I began poring over every design blog I could find -- and that was definitely the beginning of my journey. Leaving my full-time day job about 18 months ago was also a significant moment. I've since taken on some part time work... but that moment of saying "I'm going to choose to pursue my business and give it the time it deserves" was equal parts amazing and terrifying. 

Make sure you head over and check out Odd Daughter Paper Co.'s shop (and use the 15% off discount code, "TACKY15".  Expires Oct 13.), and give them a follow on Instagram and Facebook!

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All photos c/o Odd Daughter Paper Co. by Marissa Maharaj