Guess what!

I'm growing a human!  Yup!  I'm 23 weeks along and we are super stoked.  I didn't really intend on waiting this long to publicly announce it, but time flew by and I was waiting for the blog to be live again to make the announcement, so here we are well over halfway through with this pregnancy!  I'm actually 21 weeks along in the photo about and 15 in the photos below.  I've been taking weekly progress/outfit photos ever since week 8 so I'll be putting those up a couple times a week until we catch up to where I am currently.  I didn't want to dump a ton of maternity photos on you guys at once.

If you're wondering, no Delightfully Tacky isn't going to become all things pregnancy/mom.  Obviously it will show up in some ways, like maternity outfits and putting together the baby's new room, but I really want to keep the focus of this space more on creativity.  Honestly, I want Delightfully Tacky to be less personal, in some ways.  I still love writing about life and thoughts but all that stuff that doesn't really fit here.  My solution was to start a different blog where I can feel free to write about more personal stuff, more lengthy, word-vomit posts, and stuff about becoming a parent and anything related to that part of my life.  Having a fresh place for just that stuff feels so great and I'm excited to be able to blog about life without feeling the pressure of having to look a certain way to bring in sponsors or new readers.  It'll be way more casual and journal-like.  If you want to head over there and read along, the new blog is called The Brave Life.

But anyway, Dan and I are excited and have many thoughts and feelings about the whole thing.  We won't be announcing the sex online (at least that's the plan for now), mostly because I'd like to keep some things for myself.  Sharing life publicly on the blog for so many years has made me appreciate having some special secrets for myself.

We have some (sort of) baby related news that I'll be sharing later today.  Lots of big life changes!