Maternity Style | Week 8 + 9

Part of me feels a little silly sharing these super early on "maternity" outfits because I most certainly was not showing, but I was pregnant, so I suppose it counts? Either way, it was nice enjoying the last few weeks of having a waist and being able to wear high-waisted things.  All of my clothes that are tight and un-stretchy around the waist are now in storage waiting to be retrieved some time next year.

Dress : Forever 21 | Sheer top : c/o Modcloth | Necklace : Free People
Ring : c/o Moorea Seal | Shoes : c/o Seychelles

During week 9 I was up in Sitka, AK for my cousin's wedding, so I had my mom grab a couple shots of my wedding attire.  I always feel a bit like a wizard in this dress with its crazy bell sleeves.

Dress : Free People | Necklaces : c/o Tribe Jewelry | Shoes : c/o Seychelles