Maternity Style | Week 22 + 23

If you ever need to feel bad ass, put on some dark lipstick, black clothes, and a spiky necklace.  Works wonders.  I promise.  I actually am craving some new dark lipshades, and Bite Beauty was suggested to me by some folks as an awesome natural beauty product company.  Their darker shades are definitely calling my name right now.  Maybe it's the change of the season too.  Dark lipstick always feels right when the temperature drops.  I accidentally left my darkest lipshade with a model on one of my photo shoots, so I've been custom making my own dark lip color by mixing black lipstick with one of my more scarlet reds, which works alright.

I've never been super into makeup, but I often find myself wanting more colors and shades than my current limited palate.  I have a ton of crazy lip colors from Lime Crime, but my eyeshadows are sorely lacking. I have an excess of neutral colors, and just a few "out there" shades that I've bought for various burlesque looks (a super saturated green for my emerald city act, a bright blue and a silver for my snow princess act, and a vibrant red for my poppy act).  Other than that, I don't have much.  Makeup is always the last thing on my list of things I need, so it always gets bumped.  It's not a necessity, so I rarely ever splurge on new makeup, but someday I'll flesh out my eyeshadow collection!  

Top :  Hoof and the Horn | Shades + Necklace : c/o Moorea Seal
Dress : Cariloha | Boots : c/o Seychelles
Photos by Dan

maternity style week 23

Top : hand-me-down | Skirt : c/o Modcloth | Shoes : c/o Minnetonka