Maternity Style | Week 10 + 11

Still not showing much, and by now I'm jealous of my ability to wear a belt around my waist!  At this point in my pregnancy the only thing that had really grown was my boobs!  And whoa, that was (and still is) quite a change!  As someone who has always had very small breasts, suddenly having them is pretty odd!  How do you people walk around with these things on your chests?  Just kidding (sort of).  It's a bit fun to see what it's like to actually have something sizable up there, and I'm glad they aren't bigger because I know things will change again once my milk comes in!  So bizarre how your body just all of a sudden flips a switch and starts making a bunch of changes! 

I've kept this dress in my closet because it's super stretchy and the fabric is soft and comfy.  I haven't worn it recently, but I think it'd still be cute, belted above the bump this time! I might break it out in the next few weeks for another styling attempt.

Cardigan + Dress : c/o Modcloth | Belt + Hat : Thrifted | Necklace : c/o Tribe Jewelry
Boots : c/o Kensie Girl

During week 11 we were in Iceland and I didn't really take any outfit photos.  We were living out of the back of a Nissan Pathfinder, which meant that I mostly wore the same outfit every day.  Getting dressed in the back of a car isn't really cute-outfit conducive, and I was more interested in being comfortable and exploring anyway.  I wore black jeans, boots, a plaid flannel top, scarf, and jacket pretty much the whole trip.

Jeans : c/o For Elyse | Coat : c/o Modcloth (2+ years old) | Scarf : H&M | Boots : Keens via REI | 
Hat : c/o The North Face | photos by Dan