Maternity Style // Week 17

Guys.  We need to talk about maternity jeans.  I know, if you're not pregnant you're probably like, "no, we actually don't."  But let me tell you, they are a godsend.  And if you're not pregnant and you like eating a lot of food at, say, Thanksgiving... you just might want to grab yourself a pair of these bad boys.  Life changers, I say.  And also: thank god for designers making decent maternity pants these days.  Pretty much every woman from my mom's generation laments to me about the maternity wear options when they were pregnant saying that everything looked super dumpy and gross.  I pour one out for you, ladies (well also: I pour one out because I can't drink it anyway.  Sad face).  These Jessica Simpson maternity jeans are my only maternity jeans and I need to buy at least 1 more pair because they are the only pants I wear any more.  Oh stretchy, high waistband: bless you.  

My "Death before Decaf" shirt has become my new favorite because: irony.  I only drink decaf now, so this shirt is like an inside joke to myself.  I actually got berated (okay, berated might be too strong of a word) by a barista recently for ordering a decaf americano and I was all, "It's for the baby." Already blaming things on this kid.  Apparently I'm still not pregnant enough for people to immediately notice I'm "with child" and understand the decaf thing.  I get it, uppity male barista, I too was once behind that counter slinging artisan 'spro, just give me my decaf crack and let me be.

Top + Jacket (both old) : c/o Modcloth | Jeans : Motherhood Maternity | Shoes : c/o Seychelles
Necklaces : c/o Tribe Jewelry | Shades + Hat : vintage
photos by Dan