Maternity Style // Week 16

This entire outfit is something that I kept during our pre-move purge because I knew it'd last me through my entire pregnancy.  The top has a peplum-esque bottom to it that is perfect for a growing mid-section, and the skirt, which I used to wear at my natural waist, now fits just right with the waist band above my bump.  I'm tempted to re-style this outfit when I'm well-into my 3rd trimester and see how it works with a big ol' bump.  The peplum top pretty well camouflaged my bump at 16 weeks.  Until I was at least 20 weeks I wasn't really showing all that much and felt weird "rocking the bump," as they say, since it mostly just looked like I ate way too many tacos.  

It's kind of funny realizing things about pregnancy.  I remember seeing pregnancy outfit posts on other people's blogs and thinking their bumps looking cutely styled and, really I'm only just now (I'm 27 weeks when this post gets published) actually showing that much, which means I only have 1 trimester of actual baby bump maternity style.  Kind of funny!  I've heard lots of people say that with your first kid your bump is much smaller and starts getting big much later than with subsequent pregnancies, so who knows, maybe if I end up going through this again someday later, I'll have more weeks of large-bump outfits.  I actually have enjoyed being more incognito with this pregnancy.  I'll tell you, it helps when you go into the liquor store to buy your husband a 6 pack (but I still feel like I'm going to get "caught," even though I'm SO of-age and also not drinking it myself).  Not sure how many more weeks I have of liquor store shopping without dirty looks though...  and really, going in there is cruel anyway.  I miss wine #realtalktho.

Top (thrifted) + Necklace : Free People | Skirt : c/o Modcloth | Shoes : c/o Moorea Seal
photos by Dan