Maternity Style // Week 32

Maternity Style Week 32

Welp, I'm caught up on outfits now!  Well, sort of.  Technically I'm 33 weeks now, but I'm such a procrastinator that I usually shoot my outfits on the last or second to last day of my gestation week, which means that I probably will never have an outfit posted in the actual gestation week I'm currently in.  I can't remember if us pregnant gals aren't "supposed" to wear horizontal stripes, but I don't care because this dress is soft and stretchy and feels like jammies.

As you can see, the lake is now frozen, though only a couple inches, not nearly thick enough for walking on yet.  It's interesting seeing the world around me transform to winter as I transform into a larger and larger pregnant person.  The more wintery it gets around here, the closer I get to having a real live tiny person.  We haven't gotten snow yet, but it's supposed to snow soon, and the peaks of the mountain peaks surrounding town are all dusted with snow creeping down closer and closer.

Dress : Thrifted (Target) | Cardigan : Dear Creatures | Boots (similar) : c/o Seychelles
Hat : some roadside shop in the redwoods | Mittens : The North Face