longing for home

I did a photo shoot of this outfit yesterday and it went terribly.  My hair was being stupid, the photos weren't turning out how I wanted them, and on top of that, as I took my pictures, some weirdo drove by and took pictures of me with his iPhone.  So bizarre.  So today I decided that I would try-try-again because I really loved the outfit and wanted to do it justice, rather than sharing photos that I felt were mediocre.  I ended up really liking this second set, even though it's the same location.  Sometimes having a good hair day and no weirdos can totally change things!  Anyway, photo shoot drama aside, this is really one of my favorite dresses currently.  I might hem it because it's a bit long, even with heels, but I adore the bohemian, natural ombre dye.  It's just so earthy and organic.  Pairing it with a worn-in leather belt and one of Moorea's quartz necklaces was only natural.  


dress + shoes/courtesy of modcloth :: necklace/courtesy of moorea seal :: belt/thrifted
watch/courtesy of la mer

My best friend gets into town tonight and it's going to be so weird having her here in person!  It will be interesting having a best friend to hang out with again.  It'll also be interesting to see how we interact as adults, rather than teens.  I feel like our friendship hasn't changed much since high school, but we've both definitely changed a bunch since we were 18.  It's nice being able to help her start over though.  Having lived in Tacoma for a few years now I feel like I'll be able to help her transition to the new city.  I was certainly glad for Dan when I moved to town.  I was immediately drawn in to his group of friends and he knew cool places to hang out, so the transition was pretty painless, despite the natural sensation of homesickness now and then.  

I still get homesick for Anchorage sometimes.  I miss the midnight sun and the smell of the air.  Every once in a while a small plane will fly over Tacoma and I'll miss how frequent that sound was back home in Anchorage.  I miss flying with my Dad and landing on Prince William sound.  Scoping out glaciers and spying on seals sunning themselves on icebergs.  It's a singular place.  I think I'll always get homesick for Anchorage, regardless of how old I get or how long I've lived in another town.  Tacoma feels like home, but there's still something about the place you grew up.  Memories tug on my heartstrings and I long for a trip back.  It's been a while since I was there during summer.  We've gone to Anchorage for Christmas the last couple years, but I love me some Anchorage summers like whoa.