remix archives // tropical maxi

This dress is such a perfect summer maxi.  I haven't worn it much over the past six months, but I know I'll wear it a ton this summer.  The dress works well on it's own, but it's fun to remix things and see how they work in new ways.  I usually tend towards styling this dress more minimally, since the print is so bold and really carries its own weight.  

I actually wore this dress tonight to go out to a fancy-ish dinner with Dan and my dad.  It's a super easy dress to throw on when you need to look a little fancier, but don't have time to put together a nice, thought out outfit.  I had been wearing a jeans and t-shirt all day and it was really warm out and I felt all sweaty and gross, so I quickly ran upstairs, put on this dress and a pair of heels and I was ready to go!