a bit pin up

Last week was about crop tops.  I think I wore crop tops the majority of the week.  It was a good week in my book.  I actually bought this outfit last summer, and only wore it once, but never photographed it.  I had gone on a Forever 21 retail therapy trip after finding myself frustrated with the lack of anything "sexy" in my closet.  Sometimes you just want to put on an outfit and feel like a bombshell, right?  Well, I had looked in my closed and only found cutesie, modest, vintage silhouettes and nothing made me feel like hot sex on a stick and I wanted at least one outfit that made me feel like that, dammit!  Well, I bought this outfit and then proceeded to never wear it again.  I blame the shorts because they're really not super comfortable.  They're all right, but they get all up in my business when I sit down, and they were also on sale (for like $3!) because the side zipper is broken, so I have to undo all the little front buttons to get out of them.  But hey, fashun.  It's important. 
I'm glad I kept these shorts, though.  I really do love their style and despite being slightly uncomfortable when I sit down, they're still cute enough to overcome that minor downfall.  I suspect I'll wear them more this summer

top (similar) + shorts (similar)/forever 21 :: shoes/courtesy of modcloth
bag (similar)/courtesy of handbag heaven :: photos by Dan
Dan and I took these photos downtown after taking a local adventure to a restaurant we'd been wanting to check out for some time: Stink!  It's kind of a wine and cheese type of place (though they do serve other things).  We're kind of cheese fiends, we've discovered, so we got a 5-cheese plate and enjoyed stuffing our faces with all kinds of cheesy deliciousness.  I definitely want to go back.  I love finding little restaurants and businesses run by local folks who have a passion for something and go for it.  It's fun to be able to support someone else's dream and vision, especially being someone who might end up as one of those small business cafe owners one day!  
Dan was taking my photos and told me to act sexy, so I did whatever is happening in the photo below.  Apparently that face is "sexy."  Yup.