the untamed

Whenever I'm back in Alaska, I feel like I return to my outfit-photo-roots.  Lately I've been enjoying exploring more urban settings in my photos, but I think I will always feel most natural in a more wild setting.  Perhaps its because my own style tends towards being more wild than neat and orderly, and even my hair refuses to be anything but untamed.  Besides, taking outfit photos in the wilderness does afford a nice sense of solitude and a guarantee that no one will come poking around wondering what the heck you're up to.  

Despite the snowy beach, it is starting to feel a bit like spring here, even if the temperatures are still in the 30's.  Compared to Anchorage, though these photos are incredibly springy, as they've been getting pounded with snow recently!  In Tacoma we barely got a dusting of snow this whole winter.  Kind of strange for a girl used to at least 3 feet of snow all winter!

dress/courtesy of lace affair :: cardigan (similar)/gap :: scarf + belt/thrifted
tights (similar)/target :: boots (similar)/courtesy of blowfish shoes

I recently finished reading Michael Pollan's The Omnivore's Dilemma, and since I knew I would be on a plane, which is when I get most of my reading done, I grabbed his other book, In Defense of Food.  I really enjoy his writing and the past couple years I've been on an informative book kick, reading all kinds of different books on faith, food, psychology, etc.  For some reason I feel like I find those kinds of books more enjoyable than stories, but perhaps that's just because I haven't actually read a real novel in ages.  I think reading books where you learn things becomes a substitute for school after you've graduated to the real world.  I love learning, about almost anything, so reading books like Pollan's is a way to keep learning even though I'm no longer in class.  It's nice that we have Netflix nowadays too, with tons of documentaries at our fingertips.  I guess the library has those kinds of things, but the library isn't open at 11pm when I'm wanting to watch something on a whim.   I think I've watched like five documentaries this month.  It feels less lazy to binge on documentaries than on hours of tv episodes.