house and home

We pretty much always end up sledding at least once when I go home for Christmas.  With the warmer temperatures, the snow had the perfect conditions to get packed down into sledding routes.  My little brother got a cool GoPro camera for Christmas and took some really fun videos of us sledding, but I don't think he's put those online yet.  I've got quite a few photos from AK, so expect more snow on the blog in the coming week!

It's fun to be back home after being up in Alaska.  I was remembering all the renovations my parents did on that house, and got pretty excited to make our house our own through some little renovations here and there.  On Friday Dan & I went to Ikea (Dan's first time ever!) and finally got some dressers so that our clothes will no longer be in piles on the floor.  I want to stain them first, though, and went to Home Depot to get the stain... and ended up getting completely sidetracked and spent the entire night painting our bathroom instead.  Whoops!  Guess our clothes will be on the floor for a bit longer.  The bathroom paint is going to take for-ev-er, but I should've known that, being a perfectionist who has a penchant for tedious projects.  I spent about 2 hours working on the herringbone and only a tiny corner is done.  Oh well!  I'm super excited to see how it turns out!  I don't have a super clear vision for the other rooms in the house, just vague ideas here and there, but I think things are slowly coming into focus.  Today's project? Paint our kitchen table legs and stain our dressers!