black and white

I've always gotten the impression that maxi dresses are for summertime.  They're light and breezy and evoke that carefree feeling that summer embodies.  I'm on board with that, but I kind of like the idea of winter maxi's.  First of all, it's pretty practical.  Underneath a maxi dress you can totally rock some thermal/fleece leggings that are just as warm as (if not warmer than) pants.  And no one's the wiser because you just look fabulous!  And while a summer maxi looks great with sandals or some espadrille wedges, I really like how a pair of boots look with a maxi.  I have to wear heeled boots with this maxi due to my short stature, but I also kind of dig how a pair of regular, flat motorcycle/equestrian boots look with a maxi.  It gives a bit of a rough/masculine touch, which is a nice contrast to a flowy, feminine dress.

dress/courtesy of modcloth :: cardigan/courtesy of marshalls :: hat/northface via rei
necklace/courtesy of moorea seal :: shoes/courtesy of blowfish :: belt/thrifted

I went to Fred Meyer the other night for a couple necessities and walked past the Christmas decor section and started to get super excited for Christmas.  I'm of the belief that Christmas decor should not be put up until Thanksgiving is over (one holiday at a time here, people), and I can't stand Christmas music until Thanksgiving is done, but I am definitely feeling the excitement of the upcoming season.  We might be able to get a Christmas tree this year that's bigger than 18 inches tall and I'm trying real hard to contain my excitement.  

One time when I was a kid my Dad and I sneakily decorated a huge pine in our backyard with those large colored bulb lights and then surprised my mom when we turned it on.  I've always loved putting up lights and garland and a tree for Christmas and I really want to make a wreath for our front door this year.  I get a little sad not having a white Christmas here in Tacoma, but we might get to visit Anchorage during the holiday season, so I'll at least get a good dose of snow up there.