Zou Bisou Bisou

Late one night last week I found myself dancing around the house to 60's french girl pop music in nothing but some sexy lingerie and it was The. Best.  I woke up the morning after feeling what I can only assume is the hangover of such activities, causing me to want to dress in a way which I would imagine a french girl would dress (stereotypically, I suppose, according to my brain).  I just need a cigarette hanging from my fingers to complete the look, but since I don't smoke I didn't feel like going out and buying a pack just to fulfill my french outfit desires.  I did sit outside a cafe sipping on a tasty beverage in a fancy mug and writing in a journal, though, so perhaps that makes up for it.

I always imagine the stereotype of a "french girl" to have that sort of undone, disheveled chicness.  She doesn't care if her hair is messy or a bit greasy, has runs in her tights, and doesn't care if her outfit is chosen from a pile of dirty clothes on the floor.  She hangs out at cafes talking with interesting people, drinking black coffee and smoking cigarettes, and scrawls her deep thoughts in nondescript journals.  I love scrolling through The Sartorialist and seeing the interestingly dressed guys and girls he captures with his lens.  I think it'd be cool to roam the streets of Paris or Milan trolling for interesting people to photograph.  

top + scarf/h&m :: vest/thrifted+diy :: jacket/courtesy of asianicandy
hat/nordstrom :: skirt/thrifted :: belt + boots/target 
bag/courtesy of handbag heaven :: tights/courtesy of modcloth

This whole "oxblood" trend thing seems kind of silly.  Since when is cranberry/wine not a popular fall color?  It's definitely one of my favorite colors to wear in the cooler months because it's so rich and saturated, the opposite of the grey days we have here.  I have about three or four pairs of cranberry colored tights, but as I was looking through my closet the other day I realized I don't have any dresses or skirts in the color.  Perhaps I just like to accessorize with it?  Well either way, I guess it's good to know I'm accidentally totally on trend this fall!  

Having a style blog means I get asked questions about trends relatively frequently, and I always sort of feel bad when people ask me about my favorite trend, or what trend I'm looking forward to, because I really don't know much about trends.  One of the reasons I dropped out of my fashion journalism masters program was because I realized I had absolutely no interest in reporting on or creating trends, and it seems like most of the fashion industry feeds off of such things.  I definitely feel the blow back of trends, as they are interpreted by my fellow style bloggers and as they trickle down to stores like forever21 and H&M, but if you asked me what's gonna be hot for spring 2013 I'd probably say something like, "florals?"  because... aren't florals always on trend for spring?  Honestly I think I'd rather be a follower than a leader when it comes to trends.  I just like wearing things that make me feel good, and if that's on trend or ahead of whatever trend is about to hit, then that's cool I guess, but it's definitely not on my radar.  Maybe this is just a symptom of growing up in Alaska where all the trends hit two years late anyway, so I'm used to being behind the times.  Besides, when you're behind the times, you get all the old trends on sale!