the mundane transformed

This time of year even the most mundane of streets can become an incredible photo location.  This is just a generic neighborhood street, but the color on the trees and ground have transformed it into some sort of magical golden wonderland.  Even at night, the streetlights backlight yellow trees, making them glow in a most incredible way.  They become luminescent yellow paper lanterns, and fallen leaves reflect the light, gilding the ground even at night.  As Dan & I were walking to dinner the other night it kind of felt like we were in Narnia, because all the trees were glowy and the lamps were very Narnia-esque.  I half expected Mr. Tumnus to come trotting up.

Last night we had a big potluck dinner type thing with a bunch of friends and damn if it wasn't nearly a Thanksgiving dinner! I had baked a whole spice cake, and brought some other treats, and then there was pasta, chicken and ribs, this amazing sweet potato bruschetta type stuff (which I have to figure out how to make) on crostinis with goat cheese, homemade soup, chicken fingers with bbq/ranch dip (also have to figure out how to make that. bbq+ranch... why didn't I think of that?), and some shrimp cocktail.  Mmmm, so delicious.  I think we're going to Thanksgiving in Portland, so it was nice to have a sort of Thanksgiving here in town with all our friends.  

stylish ever crafter dress/courtesy of modcloth :: cardigan/gap :: coat/tulle via lulu e. bebe
 scarf/thrifted :: tights/courtesy of asianicandy :: boots/courtesy of lulu's :: belt/thrifted

This is one of those outfits that kind of makes me feel like a crazy person.  There are a lot of elements going on, but everything makes me happy so I don't really care.  I liked the outfit better before the addition of the tights, but it's too chilly outside to go sans tights, and the boots... I don't know, they just spoke to me and told me to put them on, so I obliged.  I'm pretty sure if I was a celebrity and had websites like Tom&Lorenzo or Go Fug Yourself critiquing my outfits all the time they would just think I was kind of out of my mind.  I certainly don't have that chic sophistication that is acceptable for celebrity style.  I'm much more a fan of Helena Bonham Carter (bless her crazy sartorial heart) and Zooey Deschanel's style.  Even Taylor Swift seems to give traditional celebrity style the middle finger from time to time, and I dig that.  I already know how I want to style this dress again and it involves adding orange polka dots... pretty much confirming that I am in fact a crazy person.