pattern play

It's been a while since I did a bike style post!  I think the excitement of autumn's arrival took over my brain... and then my bike got a flat and I've neglected it.  Bad bike mom.  This morning we woke up to rain, and the forecast is for rain all week!  Fall is finally here, apparently.  Time to put the fenders back on!  It's nice to bundle up and feel cozy though.  It's hard to feel cozy when it's sunny outside.  
When I got this helmet in the mail from Nutcase, I knew I had to create an outfit around it.  I mostly got it in the red polka dot color because I figured a red helmet with polka dots on it is pretty noticeable and so maybe drivers would be more likely to avoid hitting me.  But it's also cute.  I think I'm coming down from my polka dot obsession, but I still do love me a polka dot.  I think my next bike helmet will be a Yakkay herringbone one.  So chic!

dress/courtesy of lulu's :: cardigan/courtesy of modcloth :: tights/the stylish fox
shoes/courtesy of blowfish :: bag/courtesy of handbag heaven
bike basket/courtesy of basil :: helmet/courtesy of nutcase

Last night I had a mini freak out and dumped all of my clothes on the floor out of my dresser because everything was so unorganized and spilling out and it was just... overwhelming.  So this morning I spent a while sitting on the floor surrounded by clothes, sorting, folding everything nicely and putting it away or throwing it into a thrift pile if I knew I should just get rid of it.  Ah, it felt good.  We're hoping (oh so hoping) to move into a bigger place soon.  Our little 450 sq/ft birdhouse of a home is feeling pretty cramped lately and it'd be nice to stretch our legs into a larger space.  Plus, I love how the moving process allows for getting rid of unneeded things.  You get to go through all of your things when you take them out of boxes and actually see how much stuff you have.  It's good to take inventory, and I think it's hard to do that when you're living in the thick of it.  Thankfully, I don't think we have that much stuff, just a small house that makes it look like too much stuff, but it will be nice to purge and simplify.