natural selection

You GUIZE. I totally forgot about lipstick basically all summer long.  But don't worry!  We're going to renew our vows and totally give this thing another go.  Not that you care whether I wear lipstick or not.  I'm just saying, I want to incorporate it into my style again, and I'm glad that we're recommitting to one another.  I think maybe the heat of summer made lipstick seem too heavy of a cosmetic to be applying.  Once all of Western Washington goes grey for winter, a bright, fun lipstick will be a nice injection of color into an otherwise somewhat colorless environment.
dress/cosette :: jacket/courtesy of asianicandy :: scarf/h&m
shoes/courtesy of blowfish :: belt/thrifted :: photos by Dan

A cropped leather motorcycle jacket is one of those style staples, in my mind.  It goes with almost anything, has the ability to dress some things up and other things down, adds a bit of edge to an outfit, and is a great layer.  I haven't had one in a long time, well, the one I used to have was from Wet Seal and didn't fit me super well.  When I saw this one at AsianiCandy, it looked like it would be the perfect jacket to fill the motorcycle-jacket shaped hole in my heart, and I was right!  I'm glad I got it now, because we're probably going to be inseparable when it starts to get chilly.  Perfect timing!
This dress is from 2009, but it's one of those pieces I can't let go of, even if I don't wear it super frequently anymore.  Plus, I like seeing how my style can evolve around a certain piece.  I've worn this dress in multiple ways since 2009, and even though my style has changed over the years, I like making something old work within my changing style.  Sometimes a piece will feel too outdated or irrelevant and I'll let it go, but pieces like this dress I like to hold on to, just to see how it becomes incorporated into my evolving aesthetic.