my everyday makeup routine

Lately I've been getting quite a few requests for a post on my makeup routine.  Truth be told, it's pretty simple.  I've never been much of a makeup maven, and while I love getting fancified for some occasions, my daily look is quick and basic.  None of this takes longer than a few minutes, and I like my makeup to be as light as possible so it doesn't feel like I'm wearing makeup.

I use 1-5 products, depending on how lazy I'm feeling.  Sometimes I just throw on some eyeliner and go, sometimes I do eyeliner and blush, and sometimes I use everything.  It really just depends on how I'm feeling that day.

Lately I've been using this tinted moisturizer as a base.  Modcloth asked me if I'd be interested in trying anything from this line of makeup that they're carrying right now, and a tinted moisturizer piqued my interest, since my skin gets dryer (and whiter) in the winter.  So far I'm really liking it.  I've never liked liquid foundations (or foundation of any kind really). It feels heavy and oily and I always feel like I have makeup caked on, even if it doesn't look that way.  This moisturizer is nice because it doesn't feel heavy at all, it's just a nice base to give my skin some moisture and a little glow.

I've been using the same blush for a while.  I just scrub it lightly on to my cheek bones, and blend it out a bit with my powder brush.  Sometimes I go over everything lightly with a bit of powder, sometimes not, but I do like how it kind of evens everything out and blends.  Like I said, I hate feeling like I have makeup on, so the lighter the better.  Less layers of stuff is better, in my mind.

The thing I do everyday is eyeliner.  Always winged.  I started doing this years ago and now it's just my standard eye makeup.  I do variations for fancier events by adding eyeshadow (like the makeup I did for our wedding), but for just every day, I don't use any eyeshadow, just the liner.  It's pretty standard cat-eye winged eyeliner, but I thought I'd do a little video tutorial since it can be hard to explain using just pictures and text.  So if you want to watch me ramble on and put on eyeliner for five minutes, here's your chance!

Recently I discovered lipliner and it's one of my new favorite cosmetics.  I never wore it before because I really only thought it was to draw a line around your lips so your lipstick didn't bleed.  Then I read somewhere that you should fill in your lips with lipliner before applying lipstick, so the lipstick has something to stick to and make it last longer.  So I started doing that and I realized that I actually liked the look of just the lipliner without adding any lipstick on top.  I usually line my top and bottom lip and then sort of lightly fill in the rest of my lips, creating a bit of a gradient with the darkest liner around the edge of the lip, and then getting lighter as I get to the middle, where my top and bottom lips meet.  I like it because a) it looks natural, but fills in the uneven colors in my lips and defines them more, and b) I can still kiss Dan without him being afraid of getting lipstick transfer.  I still like using lipstick, but I use lipliner more for everyday.

Products I Use:
Motives Pressed Powder in Neutral Rose // Motives Blush in So Peachy

Thats it!  Let me know if you have any questions and if I missed anything you want more info I'll update this post.  I've linked all the products I use above, so you should be able to find it all online!