Uncommon Finds

Transitional seasons are the most exciting ones.  We should celebrate the new year on October or April 1st, not January 1st.  Nothing about January 1st screams "new life! new opportunities! turning over a new leaf!"  It's cold and dead and the anticipation of Christmas is gone.  Fall and spring seem like much better times to celebrate transitions and new goals.  New year's resolutions quickly fade... I wonder if resolutions made during fall and spring work out better.  It seems like so many people are making fall goal lists.  

Even if a wonderful season, like summer, is on it's way out, I really to love that little twinge of exhilaration that I feel when I can smell the fall nip in the air.  It's like the whole of existence is simultaneously making a shift.  Trees are changing color, animals are preparing for winter, the temperature is slowly dropping.  Resisting the change would just be silly.  I was sad to see summer go, and I'm still a bit sad, but how can you not dive right into that change?  I think even though we've got all these fancy modern things to keep us warm and comfortable, our bodies still know that the change is happening.  Humans have felt the rhythm of seasons for thousands of years.  Maybe that sense of change has been built into us by now.  Either way, I'm excited for the next few months.

dress/courtesy of modcloth :: belt/thrifted :: shoes/courtesy of blowfish
shades/vintage :: necklace/courtesy of peerless charm :: vest/thrifted + diy

I feel like finding a denim vest that is cropped and fitted is relatively difficult.  Then, the other day I was in the little girls' section at the thrift store and there were a bunch of denim jackets that were super cute. I realized that if I just cut off the sleeves, it'd be a great little cropped denim vest!  Voila, perfection.  So, if you're pulling your hair out trying to find a cropped, fitted denim vest, just head to the thrift store and look in the little girls' section for a denim jacket and whack the arms off!
Sometimes it seems like the most uncommon pieces in my closet become some of my favorites.  This dress was definitely a departure from my typical style of more vintage shaped, shorter dresses.  I absolutely love the color and pattern, and the sheer maxi skirt almost has an ethereal quality to it.  I have yet to hem it, so I've always worn it with these heels, which are the perfect height.