The Art Professor

This outfit made me feel like a professor.  Maybe an art history professor.  Blazers just add that little zing of professionalism.  Like my floral blazer, this one is also a more casual fabric, almost sweat-shirty in nature, but it's so thick, warm, and structured.  When the temperatures drop, this will definitely be a nice layer to have.  Fall is still hiding around the corner, but my wardrobe is definitely wanting fall to come.  I was in H&M yesterday trying to find some stuff with Dan and I was captured by the bins of scarves and hats trying them all on.  I've had the same scarves for a couple years, so it'd be nice to get a new one, all big and cozy to wrap around my neck a few times.  Scarves are especially nice when riding bikes to keep the wind from nipping at your neck.

blazer/courtesy of modcloth :: skirt/courtesy of ruche :: shoes/seychelles
top/vintage :: lady tie/courtesy of flapper girl :: photos by Dan

Back in the fall of 2008, my boyfriend had just broken up with me and I took a trip to Seattle for fall break to visit some friends over there and get out of town to escape the post-break-up blues.  It was just a little trip, I don't think it lasted more than a few days, but I remember it very fondly.  I stayed with one of my friends in Seattle and she had this perfume that I spritzed on myself every day during that mini-vacation, and upon getting home I decided that I was going to go out and buy that perfume and it was going to be my scent.  I think it was one of those post-break-up things where you decide you're going to become ______ sort of person.  Well, I decided I was going to be a perfume sort of person and I picked that perfume as my first "signature" scent.  Well, I'm not a perfume sort of person, and I still have a mostly-full bottle of Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker sitting on my dresser as a sort of monument to that period in my life.  The scent itself kind of reminds me of a re-imagining of the classic perfume scent, or rather: perfume that smells like something an old lady would wear.  It's... new old lady.  I wear it very infrequently, but every time I do I think of that weekend in Seattle with friends, leaving heartache on the other side of the state.  Piecing together a halloween cat costume from borrowed makeup and black nylons as a tail.  Making caramel and pumpkin cookies. Cruising down Chuckanut Drive in a car full of amazing women and laughter.