Last night, in lieu of going out on a date, I decided we should get some whiskey and hang out in the living room listening to good old time Jazz music with the lights dimmed and candles burning.  Mmm, upright bass and high quality spirits.  All that was missing was big fire roaring in a hearth and a fur rug to sit on in front of it.  I hope our next place has a fireplace.
Granted, it's still a tad summery to be thinking such thoughts.  I should enjoy the last of summer's trappings before I have to pack up my summer thoughts and put them in storage for 9 months.  Maybe a fizzy, fruity beverage and a barbecue are in order.  This outfit is pretty summery.  I've been trying to wear all my sleeveless dresses while it's still warm enough to do so without the addition of a cardigan and tights.  

dress/dear creatures courtesy of modcloth :: shoes/courtesy of seychelles :: crown/DIY

I think August and September are my favorite times of year to take photos.  There's just something about the quality of the light that is so warm and beautiful.  It's like I can feel the summer heat emanating from the image.  Sometimes I wish it was perpetually August and September.   I would probably miss Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween though.  And I think my coats and jackets and other wintery things would get sad and lonely in my closet.