Floral on Floral

We're getting quite the amazing extended summer right now in this late September, but unfortunately it's at the expense of my hometown.  Anchorage is getting hurricane force winds, flooding, and all around crazy awful weather the past few weeks!  Trees are falling everywhere, and those weird emergency alerts on TV aren't tests, they're the real thing, haha!  And here I am lazing around in the balmy 80 degree weather.  Sorry Mom & Dad!  I'm sure Tacoma will start trying to flood soon enough once the rain clouds come to stay.  I'm blocking that out of my mind for now though.  We're trying to take advantage of this lingering summer and have fun in the sun before it hides behind the clouds.

dress + blazer/courtesy of modcloth :: shoes/courtesy of seychelles :: necklace/inPink
belt/thrifted :: photos by Dan

Last week when Dan and I went to a wine tasting event with a friend, her sister looked at me and said, "I love that you're wearing floral on floral and don't look like a complete dork!"  I feel like it's almost impossible to not wear floral on floral with my wardrobe.  So many floral pieces, so little time.  I think this dress has probably been paired with most of my closet.  When I got it two years ago, it was more of a departure from my usual styles- loose, shift style with a bit of a drop waist.  Kind of shapeless, really, but I thought it was pretty and decided to try it out.  Now I consider it one of my favorite and most versatile pieces.