Fall Fashion with Marshall's // Outfit Number Two

Second outfit!  Kind of print-crazy, but I love it.  So many fall hues at once!  Once the temperatures cool down a bit more, outfits like this will work wonderfully with tights.  I think this outfit would look good with a pair of mustard or cranberry tights!  For now, though, the temperature is still pretty dang summery and I'm not complaining.  One of these days it'll rain and everyone will mourn the death of summer.  Kids around town are probably already entering the mourning time, as they've gone back to school.  It's funny to think about all those years of childhood and adolescence spent craving summer vacation, and then seeing stores start to stock back-to-school supplies- getting simultaneously excited for the new year at school, and sad that the freedom and long days of summer were coming to an end.  I think maybe that feeling lingers on in adulthood.  There's excitement for all the holidays and events that the end of the year brings, but also a twinge of sadness for the end of long, lazy, hot summer days.
dress + top/courtesy of marshalls :: total- $32.00
shoes/minnetonka :: lady tie/courtesy of flapper girl :: photos by Dan

I've had a couple lady ties sitting on my dresser, begging to be worn, but the summer temperatures were calling for sundresses and other tops which weren't lady-tie friendly.  I suspect, though, that I'll be wearing them all the time in the fall, paired with collared shirts.  I usually forget about details like jewelry and accessories, but sometimes they can really just give that extra "umph" to an outfit.  I think this outfit would be perfectly cute sans lady tie, but dang if it isn't just that much better with the addition of this little mustard lady tie!  A touch of sophistication and a fun detail, at that.