Fall Fashion with Marshall's // Outfit Number Five

Aaaand, here's the final outfit in this little challenge!  I've never really done a mega-remixing challenge like this before and it was pretty fun, and definitely challenging!  Usually when I remix pieces it's over many months and my whole closet to chose from.  When Kendi started the 30 for 30 challenge, I liked the idea of challenging yourself to remix what you already have, but I think I prefer to have my whole closet to work with.  Though, I'm sure 30 pieces is probably way easier to be creative with than just five pieces!  It's a fun project to push yourself to be more creative and resourceful with styling.  I'm kinda glad this mini challenge is over though, there are so many other outfits I have in my brain that I've been wanting to wear... maybe doing this challenge spurred on my creativity!  Have you guys ever done a styling challenge?  Did it change how you looked at your closet?

dress + top + bag/courtesy of marshalls :: total- $42.00
tights/target :: boots/courtesy of modcloth

Whenever I shop, I try to find things that lend themselves well to remixing.  This top, for instance, is great for remixing.  I find that button down tops are often pretty great for remixing.  This one had the added bonus of having sleeves that can roll down or up and be secured with a little button, plus the tie, which could be worn full length or tied up a bit higher at the natural waist, like in this outfit.   And collared shirts are fun to wear underneath dresses with the collar popping out.

Well, stay tuned!  The $100 gift card giveaway is later today!