Cider House Rules

Yesterday we pressed apple cider!  I was not wearing this, though I suppose this outfit has a bit of a 50's farm girl look to it, I suppose.  I could photoshop some milk pails into my hands in the top photo, eh?  Anyway, a friend let us borrow his homemade cider press, I put our food processor to the test by chopping up enough apples to fill a 5 gallon bucket, and we pressed out apple juice!  It was cool to make apple juice from actual apples, by hand (well, minus the food processor).  After getting apple juice from the store for my whole life it's cool to do it from scratch.  We'll be throwing some little yeasts in and making hard cider.  Hopefully it'll turn out to be delicious!  I should get a juicer so I can make juice at home in smaller quantities, but our kitchen is already too full as it is, so I'll wait to get a juicer until we move somewhere with a decent sized kitchen.  One of our friends has a little juicer and they love making juice out of all sorts of fruits and veggies!  Seems like a great way to eat healthily and get your fruits and veggies.  

dress(worn as top)/courtesy of modcloth :: skirt/courtesy of superstition vintage
shoes/courtesy of seychelles

After spending the whole day working on our apple cider endeavor, we remembered that a friend had invited us to go to a wine tasting event that evening, so we quickly cleaned up and headed to the winery.  It was just this little place in a warehouse, a small winery run by a husband and wife.  It was cool to see this small business run by people who clearly just enjoyed making and drinking wine.  Dan and I aren't super into wine, but I could definitely see something like that emerging from our beer making, eventually.  Dan has thought about starting a little brew co-op here in town, where people can basically subscribe, kind of like a CSA, and then get a portion of the beer that was brewed.  Anyway, I think ideas like that are fun and so community oriented.