Charlotte's Blueberry Patch

A couple weeks ago, my coworker told me about this blueberry patch in Tacoma where you can pick blueberries for free all summer.  Apparently it used to be a commercial blueberry farm that the city bought in order to build a high school on the land.  The city ended up building the school elsewhere and people started tending to the blueberries and it's now this idyllic patch of thousands of blueberry bushes that anyone can go pick!  There were still lots of berries that weren't ripe yet, so we're planning on going back in a couple weeks to see if they're done yet.  It's just such a peaceful, quiet spot in the middle of a sprawling city, I could seriously spend hours there.  I love discovering new treasures in Tacoma.  I'm so new to the city that there's still so much that I don't know about.  

cardigan + dress/courtesy of modcloth :: shoes/thrifted :: shades/courtesy of lulu's
photos by Dan

I felt very Kate Spade S/S 2011 in this outfit.  This dress usually feels too fancy and "party dress" when I try to put it on, but pairing it with a cardigan and sneakers made it just casual enough to wear all day.  The forecast for the next week says it should be in the upper 70's everyday, but I can feel the nip coming.  At night I'm already wishing I'd worn mittens, and I almost want to put the heat on in the house, but I refuse to do such a thing until at least October.  This cardigan is super thick and cozy though, so I think it'll be a good layer for fall.  It's hard to tell how thick a cardigan will be when you get it online.  Sometimes they can provide barely any warmth at all, and sometimes they can replace a light jacket.  This one feels nice and thick and heavy, though.  Perfect for fall temperatures.