The Remix Archives // Polka Dots

I'm starting a new series on the blog today... The Remix Archives!  I'd done a few remix posts for the Delightful Dozen in years past, so I'm going to start off by reposting some of those old remixes, updating them with the outfits I've remixed since it was posted.  I've got so many pieces in my closet that I've been remixing for years, though, so I'll try to keep this little feature going.  Plus, it's so fun to look back at all the different ways I've worn some of the pieces in my closet.  Some have been seriously worn to death, but I love how remixing can take one piece and transform it depending on how it's styled.  I'm much too frugal to buy something without seeing potential for remixing, unless it's for a special occasion... but I guess the shoes I wore on my wedding day were a remix, so maybe even special occasions aren't safe!

When I was on my Brave trip I stopped in Alameda to visit my Aunt and on a trip to Target she bought me this lovely top! Since then it's been frequently remixed. It's a super fun top to pair with both solids and other prints, and the bow adds a nice feminine touch.  At the time it was my only polka dotted piece in my wardrobe, but I think it spawned an obsession because I have so many polka dots in my closet now.  Polka dots are a fun print to mix and play around with.