The Remix Archives // Dusty Floral

I got this dress from ModCloth about two years ago and it's become one of my absolute favorite dresses. I remember when I got it I really purposefully chose it because it had a different silhouette than I usually wore. The free waist was a look that I'd never really tried before, as I typically go for dresses that have fitted waists and are free at the hip. I liked how this dress seemed casual, yet a bit funky and still feminine. Interestingly, though it's a relatively lightweight fabric, I love wearing it in both summer and winter. When summer eventually cools off into autumn, I love being reminded that dresses that might at first glance seem to be only summer dresses can indeed thrive in a winter wardrobe!

Around the time I got this dress, I noticed it popping up over on Keiko's blog as well! She is such a brilliant remixer, that I couldn't resist including some of her beautiful stylings of this dress. She's so fabulous! I love how many different vibes she can work with one dress.  I'm pretty sure I need to invest in some big scarves for fall to channel her styling.

all images of Keiko via KeikoLynn