Unexpected Excitement

Warm evenings.  My favorite.  It's so soothing to walk through warm air.  The breeze doesn't nip at you, it just reminds you how warm it is.  It's so crazy to me how quickly time is passing these days.  It's nearly August and we only have about a month and a half left of summery weather before the rain sets in again for another nine months.  I've realized that I actually love those first couple months of rain and  chilly weather.  It's new again, and I get to start wearing layers and having fun with fall style.  Plus, there are so many holidays to get excited for.  One after another, really.  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years... and then there's nothing fun until summer comes.  I think I'm going to have to schedule a big vacation out of state for March every year, because that's when I start to lose it.

dress/courtesy of lulu's :: shoes/minnetonka :: top/courtesy of free people
shades/vintage :: necklace/courtesy of peerless charm :: photos by Dan

Last night Dan & I went out downtown with some friends and it turned into one adventure after another!  We started off by playing arcade games down at Dorky's Barcade (which is seriously a genius idea.  Beer & pizza + hundreds of arcade games= awesome).  Then, one of our friends really wanted to do karaoke, so we moved along to the Varsity Bar & Grill, which I'd never been to before, and it turned out that not only was it karaoke... it was Rock-a-roke!  If you're not familiar with "rock-a-roke", it's the same as karaoke, except you sing along with a live band on stage!!  Way more fun!  I sang some Amy Winehouse and then did our wedding first dance song– Son of a Preacher Man!  After that I thought the night was over, but nay!  Our friend wanted to go out dancing and knew of a couple clubs downtown so we went in one and danced our asses off for a bit before closing time.  I now have a theory that clubbing is a winter activity, not one for warm and humid summer nights.  I'm pretty sure I was drenched in sweat by the time we left.  It was a super fun night though!  I always enjoy those nights where I'm just along for the ride and end up having a bunch of fun experiences unexpectedly.