The Grass is Greener

My parents invited Dan & I to come hang out with them on Friday and Saturday, so I decided to take the time to do a mini technology-fast and just enjoy the quality time with my favorite humans.  Unplugging really is the best sometimes.  I feel like I'm entering this time when I'm becoming friends with my parents.  Not that we were never friends/friendly.  I've always had a pretty solid relationship with them, with a few notable hormone-induced periods of time in high school.  But when you're a teen or college kid, parents are still trying to keep you from doing stupid things, or at least attempting to get some advice through your thick young skull.  Though I'm not a parent, I suspect being friends and being a parent isn't an easy line to walk, if it even is possible.  Now that I'm out of the house and married and embarking on my own adventure, it's been really fun to interact with my parents on a more adult-to-adult playing field.  I mean, I'm always going to be their kid and that relationship will never go away, but I really like enjoying my parents as cool people instead of cool parents.  

dress/modcloth :: jacket/courtesy of lulu's :: shoes/kensiegirl :: belt/Calico,CA souvenir

For some reason whenever I wear this dress I want to style it in a quasi-cowgirl kind of way.  I'm pretty sure I almost always wear these suede booties with it and some sort of brown belt.  Predictable, perhaps, but it's a winner in terms of summer outfits and I find myself gravitating towards it each summer.  I don't wear this dress too much.  It's super light and airy, so I never wear it in the winter and it sits there lonely, but I can't bear to get rid of it because of those summer days it's perfect for.

I haven't been to this location since winter, but it's one of my favorite quiet little spots to take outfit photos.  I got tired of being freezing cold/wet for outfit photos during winter so I ended up taking most of them in my back alley, but now that it's warm and pleasant outside during the evenings, the little walk to this location is quite nice.  I get really stiff and awkward when I'm taking outfit photos in an alley and someone walks by, and even when I'm alone my ears are always pricked to hear when someone's about to happen upon my odd behavior.  It's been difficult finding locations in town where I feel totally free to be creative and have fun with outfit photos.  Most of those more solitary locations seem to require a car drive, which is usually more planning/forethought than I typically have.