Bike Style // Basket Love

Is it just me, or are bike baskets having a moment?  How could they not, though.  They're cute and functional.  The best of both worlds!  It's halfway through summer and I still haven't got a basket for my bike.  A basket is a perfect place to stow a bag, groceries, or even a tiny pup!  These lovely ladies are all sporting some pretty snazzy baskets, as well as super cute outfits. I'm always lugging around my big bag when I ride, so it'd be nice to get a basket to take a bit of the load off.

Yesterday I was riding my bike through an intersection and was nearly run off the road by a car as one of the passengers screamed in my face "GET OFF DA ROAD, BITCH."  Usually I don't find that motorists are too rude to us cyclists here in Tacoma, but it sucks when it happens.  Perhaps it's just that people aren't informed that cycling on the road is legal.  Especially here in Tacoma, riding on sidewalks is a terrible option.  Not only is it difficult and unsafe to try and weave through pedestrians, but most sidewalks don't have the ramps up and down at curbs, which makes sidewalk riding pretty obnoxious and much less efficient than the road, where we're allowed to ride anyway.  It's pretty crazy that someone could hate a person so much for just riding a bike.  I literally could feel her hatred like heat coming off a fire, kind of a bizarre sensation that I'm not sure I've felt before.  But I digress.  Be nice to cyclists!  We're just getting around town, just like you!  Have any of you ever had a frightening experience with a motorist?

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Some of you have expressed annoyance that bike style posts don't feature many looks with helmets.  Consider, though, that this is a bike style feature, not a bike safety feature.  I don't take my outfit photos featuring my bike wearing a helmet, and I honestly would probably never do so because, frankly, most helmets are kind of ugly.  A helmet is worn for safety, not something one styles an outfit around, in most cases.