A Sunday Date

On Sunday Dan & I spent the day making the rounds thrifting, and made a pit stop at Tacoma Boys to browse the wine and beer selection.  We ended up getting some Sake and then decided to make an evening of it and have hot sake and sushi for dinner!  We lucked out and found a little sake set at the next thrift store and then stopped off at Met Market for some sushi before heading home.  We got some candles at the thrift store and set them out, it's amazing what candles do for creating a beautiful aura.  I want to have candles burning all the time now, all over my house.  They seem to make everything so much more beautiful and romantic.

While we were eating dinner, we got a call from a friend inviting us to go to the drive-in movies!  Going to the drive-in has been on my bucket list for so long.  Alaska doesn't really have the right conditions for drive-in movies, since during the summer months it's light outside at all hours!  So I'd never been to a drive-in before, and since The Dark Knight Rises was playing, it was pretty much a no-brainer.  We finished up dinner and headed out to the Auburn Valley 6.  It was a great end to a most wonderful day!  Dan and I have been super busy lately, running around on different schedules, and trying not to let the stress get to us, so having a day like Sunday was so refreshing and much needed.