Mint Harvest

For the longest time, when I was taking photos in this alleyway I kept smelling something minty.  I figured it was probably just some weird combination of plants, but upon closer inspection I discovered that nestled among the weeds and grass on the side of the road there were a ton of mint plants!  I think there might be some other herbs scattered around because when I was laying in the grass I smelled some other herb-like scents, but they weren't as obvious as the mint.  I may investigate further on a later date.  Anyway, since the mint is just growing on the side of the alley I grabbed a couple sprouts and have it sitting in a jar full of water on my kitchen window sill waiting for it to sprout some roots so I can  plant it!  I've heard mint grows like mad, so I might keep it in a little window box.  Or, since our backyard is already a jungle, I may just let it run wild.  Either way, I sense mojitos in my future!

dress/courtesy of modcloth :: top/courtesy of free people :: tights + glasses/target
boots/thrifted :: bag/courtesy of nikolette bags