The Woman Project

J from My Life in Lavender contacted me a few weeks ago asking if I'd take part in a group project called The Woman Project where a group of bloggers would each pick a woman that inspires them and create an outfit based on her. In J's words: "I believe that women should always feel strong and confident and that this is something that often goes overlooked in today’s society. I also think that a woman should never have to settle for just one title, but rather be exactly whatever and whoever she aspires to be. This project is a small way to convey that by showcasing individual, successful and creative women, their inspirations and role models, with a fun touch of fashion." I chose Amelia Earhart as my inspiration, as she's always been a woman I've found to be quite incredible. I've already done a post about Amelia Earhart, so I won't repeat what I've already said, but click through and check out some awesome photos of Amelia! What a babe!

This outfit isn't necessarily "inspired by" Amelia Earhart in the traditional sense of seeing an outfit of hers and trying to imitate it or evoke a similar look or feel. But I get the feeling that, while she definitely had a sense of style all her own, her clothes were also working clothes. Clothes she wore when she was flying and working, nothing super glamorous or frilly. So here is one of my "working" outfits. I feel like there's nothing special about outfits like this. Not much thought went into this outfit, as it was merely an outfit for running a couple errands and doing work at home. But I felt comfortable and relaxed in this outfit composed of some of my favorite items in my closet.

jeans + glasses/target :: shirt/from a pilot shop in AK
top/courtesy of free people :: shoes/minnetonka