Summer Outfit Inspiration

It's been a while since I made up some imaginary outfits, but the other day I was inspired to create some cute polyvore style boards based on certain summer activities!  Everything on these boards is from Modcloth, though some items are out of stock, or just too expensive, so I think I'll DIY or thrift a lot of elements for these outfits.
As I've mentioned before, I'm really excited for the farmer's market to start.  I want to get fresh fruit and veggies to cook with, plus it's just so fun to have the street bustling with people and live music and such.  I have a blank tote that I want to DIY with paint and leather straps to make like the Beet It tote.  I bet it'd be really easy!  I think Target probably has a cute yellow cardigan, and I have the dress (as you saw in my last post), so this board will be pretty easy to replicate.  I may even try to find a hat to DIY like the one on this board!

I don't spend too much time at the beach, but I would like to at least go down a couple times this summer.  The sunglasses in this board (and the last one) are super spendy, but I think they're super cute so I'm going to try and thrift something similar. I'm actually not sure how round sunglasses look on me. Does anyone else have a hard time finding a size/shape of sunglasses that looks good on them?  I have one pair of sunglasses I love and I can't find another pair that measures up!  The tote in this board would be really easy to DIY as well.  You could always paint sea creatures or a beach scene (ooh, or a rainbow beach umbrella!) to make it more beachy.  A decent sized tote is such a beach essential, as you have to bring all your beach accoutrements like towels, sunscreen, water, snacks, etc. 

We don't live near any picnic-y parks, but I envision an outfit like this for an imaginary picnic in central park or something.  A couple years ago I was in NYC for NYFW and a bunch of us bloggers met up in central park for a fun little picnic get together.  It was so fun (and stylish!).  I really want to thrift an old ratty quilt to use as my picnic blanket.  I love my Urban Outfitters quilt, but I'd hate to ruin it by spilling or ripping it.  When I was a kid I remember we always had an old blanket for sitting on at picnics or outdoor events.  It's such a good idea to have a dedicated "utility quilt."