Sponsor in May!

Interested in becoming a sponsor of Delightfully Tacky?  It's super easy!  If you have a blog, shop, or website targeted at young, stylish, adventurous, and creative women, sponsoring Delightfully Tacky could be a great way to expose my readers to your awesome site!  I really enjoy being able to support small independent businesses and blogs, so I've tried to create ads spaces at different price points to meet the needs of sponsors with different budgets.  If you're not sure if sponsoring will be successful, you can always try a mini ad to see if you get a boost in traffic/sales!  Or you can go with a small/large ad which includes the option of offering a giveaway on Delightfully Tacky, which is a surefire way to get people to go check out the awesome stuff you have to offer.

I updated my sponsorship process last month, so if you want to sponsor, there's no hassle.  Just head over to the sponsorship page, pick the size of ad you'd like and the duration you want it to run and you can pay, upload your ad image and once I approve it, it'll automatically go live!  Or, if you're not sure about sponsorship and want a bit more info, the sponsorship page has info on stats, rates, options and more... or just email me at delighfully-tacky@hotmail.com.  I'd be happy to answer any questions you have about sponsorship, options, and more.  Don't be shy!