A New Wave

I have a feeling I'm going to be wearing this denim jacket constantly this summer. Well, I already want to wear it constantly, but most days still require a coat with a bit more warmth. It's such a perfect jacket to pair with dresses. Julie got the same jacket at the Lulu*s swap in Austin during TxSC and I saw her wear it with the prettiest dress– the perfect pairing!

dress/dear creatures courtesy of emerging thoughts (use code "magic" for 10% off!)
jacket/lulu*s via swap :: bag/fossil :: shoes/courtesy of strut :: photos by Dan

Last night I stumbled on Chad Kouri's work, and it made me really want to start making new art. I haven't really created any big pieces since graduating college and I kind of miss it. Most of the work I do now is all digital, and for other people. Unfortunately, the work I really enjoy doing is quite large and involves woodworking or printmaking, both of which are nearly impossible to do with our living situation currently. I'm hoping that with the summer coming I'll be able to do some work outside. Our house is already cramped with my sewing and craft stuff just sitting on chairs in our living room because we don't have the storage for it...it gets frustrating at times and I'd like to not add to the clutter with even more art junk. I still haven't lofted our bed, but I'd like to do that to create more storage underneath. In a house this small, you've gotta utilize every square inch!

It's funny how when you're in college you don't realize how much time you have to create art. You basically have to, since your assignments are to do so. What a luxury! Every once in a while I get an urge to try to be a studio artist, but in the end I know I don't want to live that life. Jen said something at our TxSC panel that I think made me start thinking about making new art. Someone had asked something about blog content changing and evolving throughout the life of your blog and Jen replied that change means you're growing. If your artwork stayed the same as it was in highschool, it would only show that you haven't grown as an artist– and the same goes for a blog. But it made me think about the last things I made as a senior in college and how I'd love to create new things with a new look, perspective, and feel. I'm not sure what that will be exactly yet, but I'd like to at least get some new work going! (if you're wondering what some of my older work looks like, you can check some of it out on flickr.)