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Hello! My name is Amy and I am the blogger over at The Charming, where I blog about life and love: my love of the world and of all it's charm. I started blogging for various reasons: as a creative outlet, a journal, etc. But I keep blogging because of all of the wonderful people that I meet, each who have their own beautifully written story, like Elizabeth!

I talk about so many different things on my blog and, like many lifestyle bloggers out there, one of those things is fashion. I love it, don't you? One of my favorite parts about fashion is all the many different options and colors and patterns!! It's one of the awesome things about being a girl (because my fiancé has a very boring fashion palate of button downs, polos, and pants!). Inspired by the lovely changing of the seasons and Pantone's spring 2012 fashion color report, here is an outfit that I put together that I hope to soon recreate!
Well, thank you Elizabeth and everyone for reading! If you're interested in sharing dreams, thoughts, recipes, inspiration, adventures, fashion, art, or just about anything else, hop on over to my blog to say hello! I would so love to meet you!
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