Classic Summertime Mojito

Mojitos are such a delicious summery drink. I've been really craving refreshing summer drinks lately, even though summery weather is at least another month away. I can't wait until we can sit around our fire pit in the backyard with chips, homemade salsa and fresh mojitos!

What you'll need:
Light rum
Mint leaves
Limes/Lime juice
Simple Syrup
Crushed Ice
Club soda

In a highball glass, muddle ~12 mint leaves with 1 tbsp simple syrup and .5 oz lime juice. Add 2 oz rum and nearly fill the glass with crushed ice. Fill the rest of the glass with club soda. Garnish with more mint leaves and/or a slice of lime!

I wanted to fill my 16 oz mason jar, which is about twice as big as a highball glass, so I sort of doubled the recipe, (using more mint leaves, 1 oz of lime juice, 2 tbsp simple syrup, and I only used 3 oz of rum as I didn't want it too strong, but you can add more to your taste preference).

Yesterday it was a rare beautiful and sunny day outside, so Dan & I enjoyed the sinking sun with our Mojitos in the backyard. They're such a refreshing, cool drink! Plus, they look so pretty and festive with all the bright green mint leaves floating in the bottom.