Featured Sponsor: Color Issue


Hi everyone! Today I'm sharing with you a bit from my February featured sponsor, Color Issue, a fun blog all about the wonderful world of color! Aarean, the creator of Color Issue, is here to share about her fun blog and love of color...

Hello there! I'm Aarean, the writer and "doer" over at Color Issue!

I just love that I am here on Delightfully Tacky... such a fun way to get the word out about my colorful blog! Color Issue
was launched back in October, and with a lot of work and dedication I have been able share with thousands my love and passion for COLOR.

From fashion and food, to DIY projects and great artsy finds--my blog is a colorful explosion of inspiration. Lets be honest, color is such an essential part of our everyday lives and something we ALL can relate to...so I thought, "why not blog about being a color enthusiast...since that is what I am!"

Come on over and follow along...and you wont want to miss my fantastic giveaway!!!

photos via color issue