Bruised Knees & Flowers

These photos are from Valentine's day. What can I say, I felt flowery. It was so sunny and (sort of) warm that I even decided to take off the shirt I had on over the dress for some of these photos! Unfortunately, from the looks of the forecast, a day like this won't be around for some time. All I see are raindrops when I look at the weather forecast. More outfits accessorized with umbrellas, I suppose! I'll probably wear this flower crown anyway, though, to combat the rainy blues.

dress/tracy feith for target :: shoes/kensiegirl :: top/vintage :: flower crown/handmade

You can't really see it in these photos, surprisingly, but my knees and shins are so bruised up! Rock climbing has been turning them into mottled brown spots against my pale winter skin. Plus, in the last week I scraped my elbow while climbing, and burned my wrist getting a cake out of the oven. Whoops! I don't really mind being banged up, though. I love feeling and seeing the evidence of living. It's kind of nice in the winter being able to cover up bruised legs with tights, but come summer they'll be out and about in all their bruised glory. Maybe I'll just get tan enough to match the color of the bruises. Or maybe I'll get better at rock climbing and stop bruising myself.