Birds of a Feather

Last week my mom and brother came into town for a quick stop to get a tour of the Seattle Art Institute as a part of a little college visiting trip they were going on. It was really fun to see them and go on a college tour, which gave me flashbacks of when I was 17 and visiting colleges. My brother is planning on doing a film program in college, so the Art Institute was one of the schools he was considering, but from the sounds of it, he's decided to go with one of the other schools they looked at later on. Exciting! Too bad I don't live anywhere near him, it'd be fun to have him help me make some fun videos!

top/tucker for target :: dress + shoes/courtesy of modcloth
tights + coat/ target :: hat/thrifted :: photos by my mom

It was wonderful to hang out with my mom. As corny as it sounds, she's probably my best friend. This time we didn't have much time to chat as we were mostly driving around, going on the tour, talking about schools for my brother and getting lunch with one of my brother's friends who goes to school in Seattle. We did get to talk for a little bit, though and it was nice to talk to someone who knows me and understands me. Even though Dan is one of my best friends, a girl needs a best girlfriend, which is something I've been lacking for quite a while. My best friend from high school lives all the way across the country, and (distance-wise) so does my mom up in Alaska. I feel like making a best girlfriend is about the equivalent of finding a soulmate. I try to keep that in mind when I feel sad that I don't have a best friend in town– finding a soulmate type friend is hard! I've always been the type of person who's friends with lots of people, but who has very few close friends. It's so frustrating leaving friends in high school to go to college, and then leaving friends in college after graduation to go out into the "real world." I don't have plans to leave Tacoma any time soon (but who knows what the future holds!) so maybe I'll have time to make some decent friends and maybe, just maybe, find a BFF.